Jean Chretien

In November 2009, the Right Honourable Jean Chretien attended the unveiling of three portraits commissioned by Sharon Bacal. Immediately following this event, he was interested in visiting her studio.

Sharon met with Monsieur Chretien on two separate occasions where she photographed him in various poses and expressions. The first sitting was in Toronto, in the law firm where he works and the second was in his office in Ottawa, where she spent the better part of a day with him. She was very inspired by this truly remarkable man and began working on his portrait in earnest.

Her first piece, displayed here, is a profile of Monsieur Chretien, done in charcoal on paper,  30″ x 24″.

Twelve Faces of Jean Chretien

Sharon found her subject so interesting that she began to draw the various expressions that he has become known for, the world over.  Her second piece: Twelve Faces of Jean Chretien was completed in 2011 and consists of floating heads, each one 8” x 8”, done in graphite.